Windows 10 users are facing performance issues due to System Idle Process high CPU usage. Some Times After installing updates or Recently install new Applications your computer may get freezes, not work properly. When you open task manager process tab To check where the Windows Resources are uses and why windows getting hanged. you may notice that the “system idle process consuming high CPU”and be concerned that something is using your system resources. When the processor within a computer is idle, it has a System Idle Process High CPU usagescolumn, often in the 70’s to 90’s. If you are not running any programs or just a few programs on the computer, a high idle is possible because the processor is not doing much and just waiting for more commands to process.

” directory is the place where Windows OS stores the downloaded updates. If something goes wrong while downloading the updates, or files in this folder are corrupted, you will encounter issues during the upgrade process, including high CPU usage problem. Wsappx is an important process of Windows 10 and 8 operating system, and it helps to install and update apps in Windows Store. Though, it may bring about high CPU, disk or memory usage, you can try methods above to fix the issue easily. We hope these solutions work on your computer and help you improve performance once and for all.

There is may be a problem with that svchost, I think you system is checking for Windows updates in background and causes high cpu usage. The bug appears to be related to the Windows Update service – the service that you’re supposed to keep running at all times so that updates will be automatically downloaded to your machine. Had the problem of scans taking 20 mins on the new update instead of 5 on the old version.

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As mentioned above, wsappx process always works in the background, and you may see it is active even when you are not using Microsoft Store apps. That’s because there are might be new updates of installed apps like Paint, Windows media player, WordPad, etc. For those of you with issues where you get 100% cpu usage on startup for a couple of minutes, the culprit is most likely windows updates. Disable that and your boot-ups will be much, much faster.

  • I also could not find a way to set the start page search engine and address bar to different engines, unless I left the start page search as Bing.
  • Chromium browsers typically handle this with Widevine, though Microsoft has their own EME system, called PlayReady.
  • Sure, Chromium’s search engine nicknames are supported but these are less convenient.
  • In addition to supporting a wide range of codecs, many popular media sites such as Netflix also make use of a form of Digital Rights Management called Encrypted Media Extensions.

Sometimes, the Wsappx process may cause the issue that it is using high disk, CPU or memory when the process is handling works, which affects the overall performance of your computer. Many times, you can see wsappx active when Windows Store is being used, for example, the process may start when you open or browse around in Windows Store. The process may consume a significant amount of CPU and resource when you download, install or update apps, which is similar to the installing traditional desktop software.

Today I have had to shutdown webroot as my pc was slow and freezing. When I checked task managed cpu was running at 100%. Since ive shutdown webroot everything is back to normal. Have already submitted a support ticket and been feel as though I have been fobbed off.