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We ran each test three times, and then calculated the average score. We already mentioned Incognito mode – a special browser tab that you can open and browse somewhat anonymously – and, thankfully, thirteen out of the fourteen browsers on our list do offer this feature. That said, Naked Browser does have quite a few tweaks available through its settings menu that will essentially give you the same thing. Apart from speed, the main reason we switch browsers has to do with the unsatisfying feature set of our current daily driver. However, not all third-party are made equal, and some bring significantly more to the table than others.

You may notice other useful features, like loading information displayed directly in the address bar that indicates progress of the operation, and the size of the page and the number of page elements loaded. Options to move and hide many interface elements were introduced in recent versions of the web browser.

Javelin, Chrome, Opera, Naked Browser, CM Browser, and Maxthon – those are the browsers that you can count on the most in terms of speed and interface responsiveness. We ran the script for 2 minutes and 15 seconds on all the browsers on our list on two different, fully loaded web pages.

The browser displays the same dialog as Chrome once you hit the add button detailing all permissions that the extension requires to run. Vivaldi, just like Opera and many other Chromium-based browsers, supports Google Chrome extensions. While you can configure the browser to start where you left of, utilizing its session management this way, you can also save all open tabs as sessions to open them again at a later point in time. The browser adds date and time automatically to each note that you create. You may add a web address to the note, and add screenshot or file attachments on top of that.

Vivaldi introduced an option to use tab stacking automatically in version 2.3 of the web browser. When you compare Vivaldi’s settings to the settings of other browsers, e.g. Chrome, you will notice that Vivaldi offers more customization options.

Tab Hibernation unloads sites but keeps them listed as tabs in the web browser. The main idea behind the feature is to give users options to free up memory used by the browser.

  • Each feature has customizable options as well, which enhances the experience.
  • It has several beneficial features, such as HTTPS Everywhere and a script blocker.
  • Brave has a smaller fanbase, but it takes security seriously.
  • Tor goes the extra mile to anonymize for your browsing, which only aids your privacy.
  • Each time you close Brave, it asks you what data you would like to delete.

Vivaldi’s interface is not as restricted as Google Chrome’s is. While most Chromium-based browsers share the same interface, interface modifications have been implemented in Vivaldi that set the browser apart from most Chrome clones. The first stable version of Vivaldi, a new web browser by Vivaldi Technologies, was released on April 6, 2016 to the public.

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The first one was , and the second was . We’re starting out with synthetic benchmarks, as those are very decent predictors of real world performance (which we’ll cover next) and give insight into the inner workings of a browser app.